Looking for Fun Piano Lessons in the Fort Payne, AL area?

You’ll find them at Robin Black Piano Studio. What you won’t find are simple songs like “Twinkle Twinkle” or “Mary had a Little Lamb”. What you WILL be playing is amazing sounding music with BOTH hands from the very first lesson. From the moment you check out Robin Black Piano Studio, you’ll notice there’s something different. Actually, there’s SEVERAL things that are different.

1. Classes are taught in a group environment.

2. You'll be playing great sounding music from the very beginning.

3. Parents attend lessons with Students (BOGOFree)!


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*SCHEDULING FOR CLASSES: Some of the following questions are regarding scheduling, should you decide after the FREE LESSON that you would like to reserve a spot for Piano Lessons.  As classes are taught in a group environment, we have many different schedules that we are trying to accommodate.  You'll have an opportunity to enter your specific preferences. PLEASE keep in mind that the more accurate and flexible this information is, the better chance that we can accommodate your schedule and find a spot for you in classes.*