Welcome to Robin Black Piano  

If you’re looking for Piano Lessons in the Fort Payne, AL area … there’s something you should know!  

Not all Piano Lessons or Piano Teachers are the same.  

In fact, take everything you THINK you know about piano lessons and throw it out the window.  There’s no “Mary Had a Little Lamb” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” being played at Robin Black Piano Studio!  I mean really, does your 6 year old WANT to play those songs?  Or do they want to play Disney Songs, top radio hits, and write their own music!  

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There’s a massive misconception when it comes to piano lessons!  Let’s start with the facts:

  1. 86% of piano students QUIT within the first 2 years of lessons. 
  2. Most students HATE practicing and their Parents HATE nagging them to practice.  

So why are students quitting too early and why are parents not happy?  Who’s to blame? 

  • The student?
  • The teacher? 
  • The Parent?   

It’s the METHOD!  Most teachers are stuck in a rut with the same old traditional methods that produce the same old poor results YEAR AFTER YEAR.  They expect a child to start by learning to READ music first, when many of them can’t even read and write yet!  It’s very unnatural, and this is NOT how the masters like Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart learned to play!  Most students struggle and even fewer actually survive.

What if you could take a step outside of the “Traditional thinking and learning” bubble and make music fun, engaging, creative, and social?  What if you could become self-sufficient in your music creating and continue to play for years and years to come? 

Well, at Robin Black Piano Studio, 

we have the answer!  


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At Robin Black Piano Studio, our piano lessons are of a different kind.  We combine the right methods, with a supportive and motivational learning environment, and an exciting fun teacher to help you develop a LOVE for playing the piano.  You’ll be playing from the very first lesson, REAL SONGS with BOTH HANDS.  And you’ll continue to learn all kinds of musical styles and genres including pop, classical, ballads, gospel, and even write your own compositions.  

At Robin Black Piano Studio, we FIRMLY believe that EVERYONE is MUSICAL!  And our goal is to create a self sufficient musician who makes music their Lifelong Companion.  When you are too old to kick a soccer ball or do that back flip, you’ll STILL be able to play the piano! 

We’d love to assist you in your musical journey and help you to UNLEASH your INNER MUSICIAN. Call us today, or sign up for a Free Introductory Lesson.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly we will have you PLAYING!